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Covid-19 positive households to double bag refuse, says DSW

Residents are requested to stay at home to allow  DSW to high pressure clean all the high density areas.

WHILE the Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit (DSW) continues to collect and dispose of domestic waste during the lockdown extension period, residents who have tested positive for Covid-19 are requested to double bag refuse in black bags before putting them out for collection. This is one of four restrictions that have been implemented by DSW.

“We request that all waste coming from a property where someone has been diagnosed with, or is showing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, is double-bagged into black bags,” said eThekwini Municipality’s Deputy Head of Communications, Mandla Nsele.

DSW has also restricted the collection of recycled waste (orange or clear bag waste), which is suspended during the lockdown period. Garden drop off sites and garden landfill sites will stay closed during the lockdown, including the Bisasar Road, Mariannhill and Shallcross Landfills which accept garden refuse, builders’ rubble and sand.

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“Residents are however encouraged to start home composting in order to reduce waste that is landfilled,” said Nsele.

While refuse collection continues, residents are requested to only place refuse outside their properties on the normal collection days and to stay at home to allow  DSW the opportunity to high pressure clean all the high density areas, taxi ranks and the central business hubs.

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