Wellness Centre for drug and alcohol abuse

Addicts and people with addictions are often looked down upon by society, however, all is not lost. The addiction recovery specialists, based in Parkhill, Durban North, will provide assistance and treatment to all addicts with dignity.

ACCORDING to the centre’s facility head – Doctor Uvir Maharaj ( MBChB), society does not treat the disease of addiction as they would other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and/or other medical conditions.

Instead, he said, addicts are often treated extremely harshly by society, friends, families, employers and colleagues who usually want to rapidly distance themselves from the addict.

And, while the addict cries out for help, he’s often left helpless and abandoned. Seldom, if ever, is an addict treated the same way as a person with an emergency health situation.

Zensai, is your immediate help at hand: it’s your go to hospital: the disease of addiction is treated.

Dr Uvir Maharaj. PHOTO Submitted

“No sooner does a colleague or a family member reveal symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, paramedics are called in, or the sick patient is rushed to a doctor or a hospital and the patient is treated as a priority, high care patient. However, the same does not hold true for a patient battling with the disease of addiction.”

Dr Maharaj said It is not unusual for a patient battling the disease of addiction to go to extreme lengths of spending most of the Rands they earn on the drug of their choice: whoonga, cocaine, rock, sugars, crack, meth, heroine, codeine, alcohol, cannabis or gambling.

“The disease of addiction can also drive the addict to explore avenues of stealing cash and other valuables from the home, the workplace or a public place to feed the addiction,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr Maharaj said families are often confronted with numerous challenges associated with loved ones battling addiction – this includes: mood swings; depression; anger; violence; aggression; suicide; anti-social behaviour; withdrawal from society; withdrawal from family; the dark room syndrome; absenteeism from work, school or university; personal neglect; a lack of fear for the consequences of their actions when intoxicated; running away from home to find the next fix; patronising drug dens or always in need of money, among others.

This is why it is strongly urged that addicts receive treatment as soon as possible, such as the holistic care and treatment offered by the staff at the Zensai Treatment, Recovery and Wellness Centre. Cash patients and all medical aids are welcome.

Each en-suite room at the recovery centre provides lodging for two patients. PHOTO: Submitted

Zensai Treatment, Recovery and Wellness Centre are addiction specialists with medical professionals who treat the disease of addiction with dignity.

The facility has en-suite rooms, which provides lodging to a maximum of two patients. The rooms are fully air conditioned, with a television, 24-hour nursing staff, an in-house social worker, a medical doctor, visiting psychologists, an occupational therapist, a dentist, care givers, and in-house catering to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Contact Zensai Treatment, Recovery and Wellness Centre: the addiction recovery specialists on 031 056 30751 or 084 488 7861.

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