Look no further than Crawford International

Crawford International remains top of the list, offering an unparalleled educational experience in South Africa with a global perspective.

With the academic year having just started, the quest for the ideal school for your child can be a daunting task and some of the many reasons parents delay and dread the application and move to a new school. Looking for the perfect school for your child and considering their unique exceptionalities and interests, make schools like Crawford International worth considering as they hold personalised learning to a level that upholds every child as a masterpiece. Here is how they have proven to do it well:

High Quality Education – schools like Crawford International are one of the few international schools in South Africa, making it a top choice for parents that desire an education with a global competitive edge for their children. From Grade 000, students are introduced to the Primary Years Programme which is the IB’s world renowned framework right through their preparatory phase of learning and go on to sit for the IEB exam in their Grade 12.

Qualified Teachers – the school has a collective experience of over 300 teaching years, making the teachers one of the most sought-after teachers in SA. These teachers are dedicated to guiding students towards academic excellence and personal growth.

Outstanding Achievements – with impressive matric results and a track record of students gaining admission to some of the world’s best universities, schools like Crawford International stand out. In the latest matric exams, the class of 2023 earned an outstanding 1430 distinctions, maintaining a 100% pass rate. This achievement solidifies the school’s position as one of the top performing schools in South Africa.

Holistic Development – beyond academics, Crawford International offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities, from sports, cultural, social to the arts, promoting holistic development and the cultivation of essential life skills.

Safety and Security – by choosing to book a tour or spend the day at one of the campuses, one gets the sense that the school prioritises the safety and well-being of its students, providing secure campuses where children feel safe to explore, learn, and thrive.

When it comes to choosing the perfect school for your child, schools like Crawford International remain top of list, offering an unparalleled educational experience in South Africa with a global perspective. Visit the school’s website to learn more or book a personalised tour to experience all the above firsthand at



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