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WATCH: Snakes of the 031 – the Spotted Bush Snake

According to Nick Evans, the Spotted Bush Snake is one of the most common snakes in Durban.

CAXTON Local Media has partnered with snake rescuer Nick Evans for a series called ‘Snakes of the 031’.

In this series, Nick will be introducing the most common snakes of Durban.

In the second part of our series, Nick speaks about the Spotted Bush Snake.

“The Spotted Bush Snake is, by far, one of the most common snakes in Durban. They are everywhere, even in the city. They are very good at surviving in suburbia. They have plenty of hiding places, their favourite being in ceilings and roofs. They mainly go up there looking for geckos, which are their main source of prey.

“They are exceptionally fast but harmless. Being green, they are most often confused with a Green Mamba and the Boomslang, but they are easily identifiable by the black spots along their bodies. They are also excellent climbers,” Evans said.

Evans urged residents that should they see any snake, they should contact a professional rather than approaching the snake themselves.

“The best thing to do is monitor the snake and call in a professional,” he said.

Contact him on 072 809 5806.


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