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WATCH: Durban North voters excited to make their mark

It's safe to say that the 2024 Election Day kicked off with a smooth start at Durban North voting stations.

IT was all systems go for Durban North voting stations this morning as locals took to the poll to make their mark in the 2024 National Election.

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At North Crest Primary in Park Hill, queues went on for a few metres, but voters reported that they were pleased at how quick the process was.

Jenny O’ Connor said she was very excited to see a queue as it meant that people had come out to vote for change.

“I was so impressed with the turn-out. It’s lovely to see so many voters. It means people are finally realising just how important their vote is,” she said.

At Chelsea Preparatory School, the queues were longer, but nobody complained.

“It’s to be expected,” said Ella Ford-Mthethwa, who flew in from Gauteng to vote in her home town.

“I made conversation with so many wonderful people while standing in this queue, and I got to vote for a better South Africa, so it was worth it. I didn’t change my voting station to Gauteng, where I now work, because this is home, and I can make a difference here,” she said.

Kammy Thaver, who also voted at Chelsea Preparatory School, said scanners were offline for a while and details had to be taken down manually, which slowed down the process.

“I got here at 07:30 – done by 09:15,” she said.

It was smiles, conversation and laughter all around at Glenashley Junior Primary for voters who waited in a short queue to ink their ballot papers.

Heidi Pilz and her family posed for our cameras and were then off to get their free coffee from Wimpy.

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