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Children receive jerseys

Northcliff Rotary Club donated jerseys to the Slovo Centre of Excellence at the Slovo Park informal settlement on 8 August.

The centre has been has been a beacon of hope to the down trodden as well as the disillusioned community.

The centre identified an urgent need to support pre-school and after school activities in the area, supported by a group of volunteers and a small team of paid staff. On a normal day, the centre caters for approximately 100 -120

children, and more during school holidays.

Lorraine Cockrell says the centre has identified the need to utilise its After School Care Centre, to work on programmes that will add value to its beneficiaries’ need to understand basic skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Centre manager Cockrill received the donation of knitted jerseys from Northcliff Rotary member Ansie Hibbert.

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