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Northcliff’s very own children’s book writer

NORTHCLIFF – Augustine Mulenga shares how he finally let his dreams come to fruition one published book at a time.

One can only hope that we build a society of people who are stubborn at letting their dreams go. As one grows older the belief that they are either too big or too insurmountable seems to grow with them.

Enter Augustine Mulenga, a tax practitioner by profession, and self-published author of children’s books by passion. If anything, he is the perfect local example of why your dreams need only to be fulfilled. The father of three started writing short stories and children’s books when he was 11-years-old in his home country of Zambia. There he won his first writing competition for his book, Donk and the stubborn donkeys, a book that has since been published. Though he had replaced his typewriter for a calculator for many years, he was stubborn to let go of his dream of one day having his books published as writing was in the family – his late father was the first black editor for Zambia Daily Mail and his late brother was a poet.

Self-published author Augustine Mulenga’s book, Donk and the stubborn donkeys. Photo: Neo Phashe

So, it was not until last October, when his son’s school held a writing competition that awoke something within him again. “I told my family that I used to write when I was young and maybe I should start writing again,” said Mulenga.
His books are for children aged between seven and eight years with every book relaying a life lesson. Some are Christina books and one of them is based on experiences he faced as a child. For him, children’s books are all about teaching children a lesson through a message that is amusing and not too serious for them to understand and be entertained. So far he has written 17 books of which seven have been self-published.

To those reluctant to follow their dreams, don’t be, “If you have a passion you should just go for it, once you have a passion it will fuel you on and make you a better person,” concluded Mulenga.

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