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Discarded kennel to be another dogs treasure

NORTHCLIFF – Maybe being in the doghouse is not such a bad thing, well not in Northcliff anyway.

Illegal dumping is the bane of every community in our city.

However, some community members try to add to the beauty of their surroundings rather than destroy it.

One such community member is local, Jeanie Abbott, an animal rights advocate and activist who after seeing a Facebook post about an old dog kennel illegally dumped at the corner of De La Rey Road and Zulu Street, thought rather than complain she would be the difference her community needed.

The discarded kennel on De La Rey Road. Photo: Joan Ferreira/Facebook

Abbott has taken it upon herself to refurbish the discarded kennel and donate it to a local shelter for a dog in need during the winter. “Whatever I can do to lessen the suffering of an animal, I will do,” she said.
Abbott added that her first thought was always for the animals, She found it really sad the amount of negativity on social media and that the default mode of so many people was to complain.

“When I saw this discarded kennel, my first thought was not that this was a piece of trash, it could be used for the many animals living outdoors exposed to the severe elements, who’s suffering could be lessened and who’s lives could possibly be spared having this kennel as a shelter.”

A fellow community member also came forward with an offer to have the kennel delivered to Abbott’s home and thereafter taken to the chosen animal shelter as Abbott’s car was too small to carry it. Abbott will do the refurbishment herself, but has asked for donations of old towels and blankets ‘which I will use to make a lovely thick duvet to put in the bottom of it’.

The kennel will be donated to Pets Empowerment in the Townships.

Details: Jeanie Abbott, sifujeanie@gmail.com

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