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Albert’s Farm gets a fence

ALBERT'S FARM – The fence was a long time overdue for those who wanted the park to be preserved for generations to come.

Imagine taking a stroll at your local park and not feeling too antsy about your security or the sustainability of the nature you are taking?

Well, this will soon be the norm for users of Albert’s Farm Park come July when the installation of a fence around the park is complete.

According to Joburg City Parks and Zoo’s Malcolm Fiddes, the project coordinator for Albert’s Farm, it was important to fence the area up as it is an area with high biodiversity and conservation value as well as it serving as a regional eco park. “It also has some sensitive hydrological features such as a spring and wetland areas.”

The fence runs alongside De La Rey and 6th Road. Photo: Supplied

He added there has been an increase in problems of illegal dumping, poaching, fires, public drinking and criminal activity along with damage to vegetation. “The fence is intended to secure the facility to protect it from degradation and to improve safety and amenity for the users of the park.”

The fence will mainly run along with De La Rey and 6th Road with smaller sections along 1st and 3rd streets. Fiddes said the benefits of the fence are it will assist in protecting the conservation of the sensitive open space, wetland and dam and will deter unlawful use of the park which he said results in extensive environmental damage. “The fence is also aimed at increasing safety for users of the park for outdoor recreation.” Installation is currently underway, with pedestrian and vehicle access gates to be installed shortly.

The fence at Albert’s Farm Park is close to completion. Photo: Supplied

Marianne Forsythe-Coetzee, vice-chairperson of Friends of Albert’s Farm, said this fence was a long time coming. She echoed the sentiments of Fiddes and added that although it will not solve all the park’s issues overnight, it will definitely go a long way in ensuring that fewer criminal activities take place there at night. “Criminals were able to disappear in the park after dark.”
Forsythe-Coetzee explained that once the fence is up, the park will be open for use during the day and closed at night, with it being open for longer hours in the summer and shorter hours in the winter.

Fiddes concluded he hopes the fence will benefit the community and that they will help by reporting any incidents of vandalism or theft of the fencing or associated infrastructure to Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo or JMPD.

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