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Tip-off leads to police digging to find several packs of Mandrax tablets

SOPHIATOWN – Community urged to continue sharing information on crimes taking place.

Sophiatown Police Station is appreciative to the anonymous member of the community that informed them of drugs hidden in the ground. According to the station’s spokesperson, Captain TJ de Bruyn, they were given the information on February 25 with details of what to look for and where.

“The anonymous tip-off told us that Mandrax was being hidden on the property of people believed to be selling drugs.

“We arrived at the property and we started digging in the backyard. As we were digging we kept discovering bags of tablets later to be identified as Mandrax pills.”

An anonymous tip-off on February 25 leads Sophiatown police to discover several bags of Mandrax tablets buried in a property’s backyard. Photo: Supplied

De Bruyn added that each bag contained about 100 tablets and therefore they considered it a good bust.
“Unfortunately, the owner of the house and those living there weren’t at the house upon our arrival and we couldn’t arrest any suspects.”

The station continues to plead with members of the community to work hand in hand with them to continue to rid the area of crime. De Bruyn said, “Please continue to give us information of illegal activity taking place around you. We don’t mind if you do so anonymously, we will follow up on all information shared with us.”

Sophiatown police discover Mandrax tablets that were buried in the backyard of a property.
Photo: Supplied

Additionally, members of the public can come to the station or call them to report illegal and suspicious activity.

De Bruyn added that they will continue to investigate the matter including who the house belonged to and any other potential crimes that can be linked to the tenants.

Sophiatown Police Station is situated at 86 Main Road, Sophiatown, Johannesburg.
Details: 011 670 6300; CrimeStop 08600 10111 for any tip-offs.

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