How will King David Victory build great athletes?

The school recently implemented a trial biokinetics programme that they hope will be a game changer.

A trial biokinetics programme has started at King David Victory Park.

The programme was implemented by the school’s sports coordinator, Keifer Govender, at the primary school for athletes.

Keifer Govender takes the height measurement of a learner. Photo: Supplied

Nirvana Rogers, the school’s marketing officer, said their school has been fortunate enough to have Sashin Palliam, a biokineticist from Ignite Fitness Gym in Ferndale, volunteer his services as a biokineticist.

Keifer Govender with a learner from King David Victory Park. Photo: Supplied

“A thorough assessment of the athletes was conducted to identify common patterns of compensation in movement, followed by a customised rehabilitation programme that was tailored specifically for each athlete,” described Rogers.

Keifer Govender shares some information with a learner. Photo: Supplied

She explained, with this programme, they aim to improve their athletes’ performance in various sporting codes and look forward to seeing them on their journey toward a healthier life and a reduced risk of injury while competing.

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