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Happy accidents with Rod Lambert

Local artist talks about how art can not only bring a sense of calm, but also how you can create something surprising.

Happy accidents are what artists much like Rod Lambert look forward to having happen to their art.

He has now been painting for a decade and, this came one day, after a friend sent him a picture of a boat she had drawn while going to art classes, this inspired him to join in on the creativity.

Though he has always loved to create, he describes himself as ‘a not very talented artist’ all while hailing art as being a way for him to find a sense of calm. “It does fulfil something in me when I create something whether it be through painting or sculpture,” he said.

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Through the years he has created many depictions of the Karooscape. He bashfully mentioned how, while framing one of these pieces one day, a gentlemen wanted to buy it, “That made me feel really good as he was someone who had seen many paintings before so it made me think my art must be pretty good if he wanted to buy it.” In the years he has gone on to sell some pieces and even exhibited some of his work.

After a decade of Lambert heading to Berario on Wednesday mornings, one might ask what still keeps him wanting to have his hands covered with colours of the rainbow? His response to this is that there is always more learning to be had. “I am still in the learning phase and I don’t have a particular style yet. I like collage work and some big and small paintings, and I am still finding my feet,” he said. He has also painted with many mediums, from acrylic to water colour and oil paints.

Lambert found there to be more painting than just painting, as it allows for a social element too as you find commonalities among like minded people.

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