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Local community takes a stand against illegal dumping.

Tackling the plague of illegal dumping, the Community Cleaners focused their efforts this past Sunday as the rallied together to clean up Bellevue Park, which had been affected by illegal dumping.

In a display of community spirit and dedication, the Community Cleaners took to Willowview Park this past Sunday to address a concerning issue of illegal dumping. A concerned resident had noticed significant piles of rubbish littering the park and immediately alerted the group to take action.

Upon arriving at the park, the Community Cleaners were met with a distressing sight. It became evident that a nearby shop, whose name is being withheld, had been irresponsibly disposing of their waste in the park. Undeterred by the scale of the task, the volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work, determined to restore the park to its natural beauty.

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Rubbish also built up along the water pipes.
Rubbish also built up along the water pipes.

What they discovered during the clean-up was shocking. The litter had not only affected the aesthetics of the park but had also negatively impacted its ecosystem. “Wildlife had been driven away, and the grass had withered under the weight of the accumulated rubbish.” However, the tireless efforts of the Community Cleaners bore fruit as the park gradually returned to its former glory. Driven by his passion for the community, Swanepoel voiced that residents could either ‘DIY or live in the filth’.

While the issue of illegal dumping remains a challenge, the Community Cleaners are committed to holding the responsible parties accountable. In this case, the shop that had been dumping its waste was promptly notified and invoiced for their actions. Normally relying on donations for their work, the Community Cleaners made an exception in this instance to ensure that their volunteer efforts were not taken for granted.

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“The clean-up efforts on Sunday were also affected by the recent Pikitup strike, which resulted in delays in rubbish collection,” he said. Despite the challenges, the Community Cleaners persevered, demonstrating their commitment to their cause. Their dedication serves as a reminder that if the community does not take action, the city may neglect its responsibility to maintain a clean environment.

Rubbish that had built up before Sunday.
Rubbish that had built up before Sunday.

Looking to the future, the Community Cleaners hope to collaborate with organisations such as the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and City Parks to form a united front in cleaning up the community. “By joining forces and pooling resources, I believe we can maximise our impact and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for all.”

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