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We savour life’s pleasures with Andani Mphaphuli

The burn victim recently completely a pie-making course that he will now use to further himself.

Children of Fire, an Auckland Park-based non-profit that helps burns survivors from injury into adulthood recently collaborated with a local pie maker in an effort to train one of their own.

The organisation partnered with Bossies Pies in Linden to train 34-year-old Andani Mphaphuli. As a young boy growing up in Venda, he was cruelly set alight by his stepfather, who was found guilty of two charges of attempted murder – of Andani and of his mother.

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Though the physical and emotional scarring on Andani was said to be tough, with aid from the organisation, he went onwards and upwards, quite literally, as he even managed to summit Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Described as a shy young man, he has learned how to bake artisanal bread, which include fresh rosemary and thyme in his recipes. Along with his artisanal bread-making skills he also learned basic barista skills from Johnson Sehoro.

Andani Mphaphuli enjoys the preparation of meals.
Andani Mphaphuli enjoys the preparation of meals.

At Johannesburg School for the Blind, he gained knowledge of menu and meal preparation through feeding children well-balanced nutritious, yet economical meals. He’s said to be a dab hand at a delicious potato-cheese-onion-tomato bake. He even teaches young children how to prepare food for themselves.

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Now after an intensive course under Michelle van Rensburg and her team of bakers at Bossies Pies, he has acquired some knowledge of the pie world too. Children of Fire founder Bronwen Jones said, “We so appreciate it when local companies work with us, to help youngsters to have a chance in life. At Bossies, we saw a super-clean wonderful working environment that produces the most delicious pies.” She added they and Andani especially, are grateful that he was allowed to train alongside the company’s friendly skilled bakers. Now they hope that these skills help him secure a permanent job somewhere in greater Johannesburg or even further afield if necessary.

Details: Children of Fire firechildren@icon.co.za or 011 482 4258.

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