Autumn 2021 Fashion trends

Here's what's trending this season:

Whether it’s a fresh new look or rebooting a classic, fashion trends are constantly evolving and this season is no different. From colourful prints to rich textures, we are highlighting some of the 2021 Autumn fashion you need to include in your wardrobe:

A generous amount of cut-outs

If you are keen to show off a little skin, then the latest cut-out trend is right up your alley! Best on stretch fabric for vivid detail, this trend has also been seen on formal dresses and wait for it – jackets! Cut-outs add a fun element to clothing design and still look great worn over colourful knits as this creates a striking contrast of the knit colour showing through the cut-out sections.

Bright shades of yellow

As temperatures drop steadily through the season, you would expect the colours to be more muted and conservative – not this year! Yellow is the order of the day, with shades of this bright colour adding personality and warmth to your Autumn wardrobe. Lightweight faux fur jackets in bright shades of citrus are the perfect pop of colour to complete any outfit. If you’re looking for something a little more classic, stockings and knit pencil skirts have also made a come back in these bright shades.

Sweater vests in all colours and shapes

Traditionally associated as a more boring formal item, this year’s Autumn trend refuses to view sweater vests as such. Seen in all hues, designs and sizes, this vintage vest is making waves. Paired with ripped jeans or colourful track pants, it’s the season’s new go-to item.

Drop waists

This trend is extending beyond the summer season, so don’t pack all your summer outfits away just yet! Drop waist skirts and dresses accentuate curves and give a fun flare look without being too busy. Accessorised with a lightweight stretch cotton turtleneck, this is your go-to outfit.

Quilted jackets

The textures making rounds this season are restrained yet fun. Quilted bomber jackets are a must-have item this season. They are lightweight, making them perfect for the mild Autumn weather. Whether in diamond shapes or spirals, quilting is the order of the day.

Leather or pleather everything

The longest surviving trend in fashion history has to be leather. From as far back as the 1950s, all the way through to right now, leather, or pleather if you’re socially conscious, adds depth to any look. This material has been used for skirts, pants and the much sought after leather jacket. It has also been reinvented as part of headpieces and some even use the material to make masks.

Autumn can be a fun season to play around with colours, textures and styles, and this year, fashion trends are offering exactly that.

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