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During the first half of 2021, an all-time record high of over 319 million online vehicle searches were conducted.

Over 51 million searches were conducted by body type in the same period. All this, and a lot more, is revealed in the 2021 AutoTrader Mid-Year Industry Report, which covers the first six months of this year. This fascinating document, which contains anything and everything from insights into the supply of used cars to the increasing demand for electric vehicles, provides precise data when it comes to the used car market in South Africa. According to AutoTrader‘s CEO, George Mienie, the report comes at a pivotal time for car manufacturers and car dealers alike. “Following the recovery of a disrupted South African auto market, the industry focus now needs to shift to forging a path towards the new normal, one that ensures sustainability for the long term,” he pointed out. That path will be greatly eased with the provision of market insights – and the report provides this in droves. “Car shopping behavioural patterns and journeys were analysed, leading to insights into which makes, models and for the first time in South Africa, which variants (including trim level data) have become important to car-buying consumers,” explained Mienie. This 56-page report contains a wealth of data; here are just some of the insights it contains: – BMW is the most searched for and also the most viewed used car brand. – The most searched for model is the Toyota Hilux. It is also the most enquired on vehicle. – The Volkswagen Golf GTI is the most searched for individual variant. – Sport utility vehicles have the highest number of body type searches. – Toyota is the most enquired on brand. – The average price of a used vehicle in the first half of 2021 was R389 145 with an average mileage of 77 830km. – The most listed car is the Volkswagen Polo.   Finally, a substantial portion of the report is dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs). Local interest has significantly increased into what is undoubtedly the future of cars. The report reveals that a 211% increase in EV consideration (searches) and a 234% increase in EV consumer advert views were recorded, dominated by the BMW i3, Porsche Taycan and Jaguar I-Pace. Download the full report here Source: MotorPress

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