Entertain at home with oxtail in a black garlic, oyster & star anise sauce

Sticky sweet oxtail, with hints of liquorice and black garlic … the perfect dinner to tuck into after a hectic week. Make sure to start early as there is quite a bit of cooking time involved.

Serves 10

You’ll need: 4-4.5 kg oxtail; 1 whole black garlic bulb, cloves removed; 2 Tbsp cumin seeds; 2 Tbsp Chinese 5 spice powder; 1 large knob ginger, grated; 3 x 200ml bottles oyster sauce; ¾ cup soy sauce; 1 cup sherry; 4 star anise; ½ cup brown sugar; 3 cups of fresh orange juice; grated zest of 2 oranges; 1 packet baby onions (about 8-10); water as needed.

How to:

Rinse the oxtail, then soak the oxtail in water for one to two hours. Drain well.

Place the oxtail in a large pot on medium heat. Mix all the ingredients except the onions and pour over the oxtail.

Bring to the boil, reduce the heat on the stove and simmer covered for two hours.

Add the onions and cook for another one to two hours or until the oxtail is tender, adding water if necessary.

Serve with rice to soak up the delicious sauce. 

* Recipe & image by Cook Culinary and Craft Studio.


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