Golden week for Treverton schools

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee only happens once in the history of a school, and during the last week, Treverton revelled in a unique and memorable way to commemorate the event

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee only happens once in the history of a school, and during the last week, Treverton revelled in a unique and memorable way to commemorate the event.
Their triumphant rugby wins over arch-rival Weston heralded the first of a number of events.
Thursday evening, was the final night and gala performance of the College’s annual drama production “Chaos in the Cannery.”
Friday, was the day when the school from Grade 000 to the G.A.P./Post Matrics, together with staff and some parents took part in the Jubilee Adventure Journey, divided into 18-legs. The total distance travelled on this journey was approximately 300 km.
On Friday evening, while the pupils soothed their aching limbs and caught up on sleep, in preparation for sport matches the next day, celebrations continued! Old Trevertonians, parents and many past and present staff members enjoyed a get-together in the Mooi River Town Hall.
Saturday morning signalled another eventful day. It is the day when the traditional Founders Day Service is held in the College Auditorium.
The choirs of both schools performed, and the welcome address was made by the school’s Executive Head, Noel Coetzee.
The head prefects Don Paterson and Mia Louw gave the customary Founders Day address, which pays tribute to the men who established Treverton in 1964.
Mia also evaluated her own experience of being at the school.
This was the first year, that there were no Founder Governors present at the service.
The last Founder Governor Rev Rae Trew passed away a month before the Golden Jubilee celebrations. After the service, family members, school governors and friends attended a ceremony at the school’s Wall of Remembrance where the Rev Trew’s ashes were interred.
This year, as part of the Jubilee Commemoration, two guest speakers were invited, representing past staff and pupils.
They were introduced by the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Debbie Davidson. Old Trevertonian Andrew Dunn matriculated from the College in 1984 and after qualifying as an electrical engineer and completing his army service; he decided to follow a career in the infant industry of cellular phones and joined MTN.
Over the years, he was involved in establishing the service in 22 African countries and spent six years with his parent company in Iran.
During the interesting talk, he drew the audience’s, particularly the students’ attention to a number of absorbing facts. He recalled that he had not enjoyed English at school, and his matric set book was George Orwell’s “1984,” appropriate for the year in which it was studied. Dunn recalls that when living in Iran with its oppressive political system, the book with its depiction of Big Brother vividly returned to him, and he realised the importance of the subjects taught at school.
He also praised Treverton for lessons in self-discipline, which he had acquired through many spheres of school activity. His final theme was an appropriate one, for young people facing the future in a rapidly changing world.
He emphasised that the only constant in life is change, and in life, one must be prepared to adapt to change and think out of the conventional box.
The second speaker was Jeff Fetting, who has had a close association with Treverton for many years.
He is the former Prep teacher and Headmaster, starting his career at the school in 1974 and retiring in 2002. He is now involved in public relations and sports coaching at his Alma Mater, Selborne College in East London. His speech had strong spiritual overtones, which he based on a number of songs for each aspect, including “Dream the Impossible Dream,” and “Jesus all for Jesus.”
He encouraged the students to be led by Treverton’s motto Super Astra Spero; “to reach beyond the stars” and find Christ their Saviour.
Guests at the service, were then entertained to tea, and an variety of rugby and hockey matches, which Treverton teams played with success. After lunch, parents and pupils were quick to head for home and for the learners to enjoy a mid-term break.
Old Trevertonians then held their AGM, and the matrics of 1984 held their 30th reunion.

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