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Business owners outraged by state of roads in Dundee industrial area

'They all say 'how can we tolerate driving on these roads?'

Business owners in Dundee’s Avon Industrial Area say they have had enough of the poor condition of Cable Road and other roads on both sides of the R33 Greytown road.
“We have to drive on the embankment just to get to work. Cable Road has been deteriorating for years, as it is in an industrial area and prone to heavy vehicles.

“Right now, even customers are hesitant to come to our places of business for fear that their vehicles will be damaged,” said one employee who works in the area.
Another commented that the heavy summer rains had exacerbated the problem, with the road ‘resembling a section of the Dakar Rally route’.

Those with businesses in Van Eck Street said they were faced with a similar situation and that nonexistent drainage had previously led to their business premises being flooded.

“No investor will come to Dundee should they just get a glimpse of the roads in the industrial area. Frankly, it is embarrassing when we get customers from Johannesburg and Durban visiting us to conduct business.

Asked to respond to the complaints, Cllr Naresh Gopie (chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee) said that council was fully aware of the need to upgrade roads in the industrial area that play an important role in the local economy.
“Cable Road has been marked for rehabilitation and we hope to also attend to the other roads,” he said.

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