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Dundee’s kid have their say on the general election and voting

Many adults may be apathetic when it comes to voting but these kids are already keen to make a difference.

34% of South Africa’s population will not vote – not because they don’t want to, but because they’re under 18 years of age.
So says Mandy Pearson, CEO and founder of the ReStory Foundation.
“Ironically, the May 29 general election takes place during Child Protection Week – underscoring the trust our children place in us to advocate for their rights and welfare,” Pearson said.

So while the political parties have weeks of campaigning and make ‘promises’ to voters, what do the children want?
The Courier visited Dundee Pre-Primary School’s Grade R learners on Monday, where we asked them what they would do if they were made president of South Africa.

Here are some of the responses:
Abigale Coetzee:
I would love to give people water, electricity and education.
Lubanzi Zulu:
I would ensure that the children of South Africa are all given sweets and presents when I become president of South Africa.
Jayden Goolam:
All people in the country must be given phones so they can communicate.
Aditya Mughoo:
If I was president, I would give magazines and pictures to poor children.
It was also a chance to teach the little ones about voting and how to cast a ballot to ensure that when they are 18, they will be ready to vote for their futures.

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