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Local law enforcement agencies all out on full alert ahead of crucial 2024 general elections

Aside from SAPS, security, and CPF members, Potgieter confirmed that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members were at a stage of readiness to deploy if needed

Entities such as the Newcastle CPF, Newcastle CCPA and private security companies as well as the business sector and residents alike will join hands and play a strategic role in making sure that local residents are able to exercise their rights to vote in a free and safe space.

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The Newcastle Advertiser reached out to these entities to find out what their roles will be on May 29.

The Newcastle Community Policing Forum (CPF):
Secretary, Talha Randeree, confirmed that the Newcastle Community Policing Forum is committed to assisting the SAPS during the national election period.

“The majority of voting stations have been deemed ‘low risk’, with only three considered ‘high risk’. Our members will be deployed under the guidance of SAPS regulations to assist at voting stations, to monitor and to make sure the voting process is not tampered with,” he said.

Ithemba Security:
Ithemba Security head of operations, Mornè Potgieter, confirmed that all private security sectors have been fully briefed on their roles in this year’s national elections.

“We are all on board to ensure the voting process goes smoothly. We are already monitoring all roads and following up on all leads and information that is received,” he said.

He added that Ithemba will be deploying around 200 of their members across the Amajuba District while remaining in constant communication with all law enforcement sectors across the district.

Aside from SAPS, security, and CPF members, Potgieter confirmed that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members were at a stage of readiness to deploy if needed, backed up by helicopters to ensure that every part of the district is reachable in case of any emergencies.

“We are as ready as we can be and will continue to act within the constitution of the law. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this election runs smoothly, and we can achieve this by making sure that any suspicious behavior or threats are reported to your local police or any other law enforcement agencies to ensure that all threats are dealt with immediately and accordingly,” he concluded.

Newcastle Crime Fighters Task Team (Community Crime Prevention Association):
Imran Ghafoor of the Newcastle Crime Fighters Task Team (CCPA) also confirmed its role leading up to the elections.

“We will be actively patrolling the voting stations in various sectors and wherever else our assistance is needed. We know our role, what is expected of us and what to look out for to ensure a safe and violent-free voting day,” he concluded.

Numbers to contact in case of an emergency:

  • SAPS Crime Stop: 086 001 0111
  • Ithemba Security 24hr command centre: 034 236 4503
  • Ismaeel Dalech (Newcastle CPF): 072 136 7677
  • Talha Randeree (Newcastle CPF): 083 254 6943
  • Imran Ghafoor (Newcastle CCPA): 072 632 3000

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