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Newcastle Municipality engages immigrant chambers of commerce

The Municipality hosted a critical engagement session to facilitate talks between the immigrant communities engaged in informal trading in Newcastle.


Newcastle Mayor, Xolani Dube, hosted representatives from the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Ethiopian business communities in a bid to tackle, among other issues, the contentious issue of undocumented illegal workers.

The meeting was held at the Newcastle Municipality’s exco room yesterday (July 9).

Representatives from the different chambers delved into pivotal issues affecting particularly in places such as the industrial area.

Mayor Dube voiced concern over the high unemployment rate in Newcastle, given that the region is a centre for the textile sector. He said this is caused by the improper registration of many industries operating within Newcastle.

He urged the delegations to encourage their communities to register their businesses with Newcastle Municipality, which will contribute to the formal economy and help drive sustainable growth and employment opportunities in the region.

The representatives from the significant chambers responded by acknowledging the issues brought up and pledging to cooperate with the Newcastle Municipality to resolve them.


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