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Boitumelo hospital’s phones out of order

The public will be informed when the matter is resolved

Mondli Mvambi, spokesperson for the Free State Department of Health confirmed that the  Boitumelo Regional Hospital’s phones  are out of order.

The Switchboard number 056 216 5200 of the hospital was  damaged by the recent floods that affected Kroonstad and an assessment has been done by the technical support team,Mvambi said.

The hospital is working closely with the Phones Technical Service Provider to get the phones working speedily, was said.

This unfortunate development is impacting negatively on patients, members of the public and hospital staff as the hospital has effectively become inaccessible by phone to the public.

“The hospital has made mobile phones available in the Switchboard and the different Wards to facilitate effective communication between the Wards and other referring health care facilities but we are aware that this internal arrangement is inadequate to fill the gap opened by the effect of the Main Switchboard being shutdown.”

The hospital appeals for patience to the members of the public while the matter is receiving attention. Members of the public are requested to visit the hospital physically in instances where they can not get hold of their next of kin or when they want to know the health conditions of their next of kin that are admitted at the hospital.

The CEO of the Hospital, Ms. Bongi Mthimkhulu has thanked all the members of staff of Boitumelo Regional Hospital for their commitment and dedication to ensure that patient care is not compromised during this difficult time that is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the hospital.

The public will be informed as soon as the matter is resolved.


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