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Walter Sisulu Sports Complex ‘badly maintained’

Resident fed up with City's lack of concern.

Malanshof resident Priscilla Cramb is very upset about the way the Pigeon Club at the Walter Sisulu Hall and Sports and Recreation Centre is being maintained.

“It is an area that we call ‘no man’s land’ nowadays because nobody seems to take ownership. Jonathan van Rooyen from the City of Johannesburg said it belongs to City Parks and Rose Abdullah from City Parks said it belongs to Sports and Recreation.” One of Cramb’s many frustrations were snares on the fences that caught guinea fowls.

“There were about six families at the Pigeon Club and they are all gone because of the snaring.” She is also concerned about the security guards’ apparent apathy. “What are the security guards at the sports complex doing? There are four security guards and whenever I drive past there, I don’t see them doing anything. When I wanted to take photos of them, they ran away.” Cramb said the area outside the complex is in a bad state and it does not do justice to the icon it was named after.

Faried Loonat from the City said a meeting with all role players will be held to address concerns Cramb and other residents might have. “We will confirm the site meeting later and we will also invite the media. We would like Ward 104 Councillor Mike Wood at attend as well.”

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