‘Parents beware when dropping your children at schools’

HONEYDEW - Criminals target school parking lots now. Police urge parents to be careful.

Honeydew Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs mentions that theft out of motor vehicle is currently a concern and they appeal to all parents or caregivers not to leave any property inside the vehicle. “This includes the boot of the vehicle,” WO Jacobs emphasised.

Nancy Mevana is a parent at one of the schools in Randburg and said she recently fell victim. “My laptop and garmin were stolen in that incident,” said Mevana.

She she believes her belongings were stolen while she was fetching her children from school. “I put my laptop in the boot of the car before I left my office and when I got home it was not there. The only place I stopped at and left my car was the school,” said the parent.

Mevana said she did not suspect anything wrong but remembered seeing a couple of people who were sitting in cars. “I thought they were waiting for their children but it is possible that they were actually the perpetrators.”

According to WO Jacobs, schools in the Honeydew Police precinct are currently being targeted in the mornings between 6.30am and 8am and in the afternoons between 12pm and 14.30pm when pupils are being dropped off or fetched at schools. She added that the trend was seen at both private and public schools.

She urged residents to not leave laptops, cellphones, handbags or any other property in the boot of the vehicle when parking the vehicle. “Take everything with you at all times. Also, remove your Garmin device when parking your vehicle,” said WO Jacobs.

She also emphasised that residents should always make sure that their vehicles are properly locked before moving away from them. “When using a remote locking device, stand next to your vehicle and make sure that the vehicle has indeed locked by physically pulling the doors to make sure that it is indeed locked.”

Details: Honeydew Police Station Operational Room: 011 801 8613/4/5

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