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Local support group has a great first turnout

BOSKRUIN – Brita Hulley experiences a fantastic first response to the first support group meeting.

For anyone who’s never attended any kind of support group before, the assumption is that it’s quite daunting. It means being exposed and, more often than not, revealing some of the deep and dark matter that doesn’t even get discussed with family. The upside is that every other person in the room is able to relate. When there are cupcakes and a warm welcome, it suddenly seems quite inviting.

The first support group run by Brita Hulley on 1 July had a turnout of about 16 people. A few members were even in attendance to better understand their partners’ conditions and behaviour. Everyone is welcome. Everything that takes place in the group is completely confidential and is the proverbial “safe place” to discuss anything that may come up. Hulley has great plans for the group, including guest speakers in the mental health profession and varying workshops.

The support group meets on Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm at Meeting Room 1, Akeso Crescent Clinic, on the corner of President Fouché Drive and Hawken Avenue, Boskruin, Randburg.


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