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Keep an eye on your vision

JOBURG – Take care of your eyes to avoid blindness

With October highlighting eye-care awareness, people are urged to keep an eye on their vision.

ER24 has advised the public to protect their vision as taking good care of your eyes is vital.

Dr Zoran Aleksic, ophthalmologist practicing at Mediclinic advised, “Your eyesight must be one of the most precious senses, as with many other diseases, early detection is key.”

He said on the continent the leading causes of blindness are cataracts and glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the optic nerve and this in turn results in loss of vision.

“It is not curable, but can be controlled. Blindness is preventable if glaucoma is diagnosed and treated early enough,” he said.

Dr Aleksic said a cataract develops when the internal lens of the eye clouds.

“Light entering the eye is blocked and as a result, a person has difficulty seeing clearly,” said the doctor.

He said one of the eye-related problems people often complain about is nearsightedness.

Signs or symptoms of eye problems that people should seek medical attention for immediately include visual loss, pain or discomfort and narrowing of your visual field.

The ophthalmologist said there are a number of risk factors that could increase your chances of developing an eye disorder.

These risk factors include smoking.

He said smoking has an impact on your eyesight – in some cases more than other – as it affects your blood vessels.

Dr Aleksic said diabetes and high blood pressure also can affect eyesight.

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