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UPDATE: Some Flea market vendors to be relocated within Brightwater commons

PRESIDENT RIDGE – Brightwater Commons management is negotiating with some of the flea market vendors as to where to relocate them within the centre.

The Brightwater Commons management are still in negotiations with some of the flea market vendors in President Ridge.

The outcome of these negotiations would likely determine if those vendors would be relocated within the centre as the management was revamping the area.

However, the flea market management was instructed to give the tenants a notice to leave the market by 31 December.

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Brightwater Commons marketing officer Talitha Spykerman explained that the flea market buildings would then undergo demolition with the exception of a selected few.

“Some flea market tenants have been granted space to operate under the new structure, however only those that fit into the new positioning of the centre which is positioned towards family entertainment,” she said.

Furthermore, “The demolished area will become a small theme park and family entertainment arena for children of all ages and their families.”

Skyperman could not reveal which of the vendors would stay as the vendors’ contracts were still under negotiation.

One of the stall owners who employed 24 people in the flea market complained that she had lost customers since the announcements of the market closing down.

A vendor who would not be named for fear of jeopardising the negotiations said she had lost a lot of customers.

“I had to save my business,” she explained

She concluded that she recently lost her customers but her business would be fully operational until January next year.

Details: Brightwater Commons 011 789 5052.

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