You can top up your swimming pools

JOBURG – Water restriction does allow for topping of swimming pools but not filling up.


The current water restrictions do allow residents to top up their swimming pools – but not fill up.

This according to the spokesperson of the Department of Environment and Infrastructure Services (EIS), Anda Mbikwana. He highlighted that residents can top up swimming pools to keep levels above the weirs. “What the residents are restricted to do is filling up swimming pools that are completely empty,” he said.

The country is currently experiencing crippling drought effects and residents are urged to save water. On 5 September, the MMC for EIS in the City of Joburg, Anthony Still announced that the Department of Water and Sanitation had instructed Johannesburg Water to reduce its water consumption by 15 per cent. Following this announcement, stringent water restrictions have been put in place.

Currently, Level 2 restrictions are imposed and residents are compelled to:

  • Not water or irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm. Only hand-held hosepipes or buckets or watering cans are allowed outside these hours.
  • Not to fill swimming pools with municipal water.
  • Not to use hosepipes to wash cars or to clean paved areas and driveways.

There are also small practical ways residents can save water such as not running water while brushing teeth or shaving; don’t flush toilets after every use, only when absolutely necessary; and recycling grey water.

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