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Dumbing down the nation

JOHANNESBURG – Maths pass mark for Grade 7 to 9 schoolchildren has lowered to 20 per cent.

The National Department of Basic Education has relaxed the pass mark requirements for schoolchildren in grades 7 to 9.

According to a document released by the department, pupils who have met all the requirements to be promoted to the next grade, but failed to obtain 40 per cent in maths, will be allowed to advance to the next grade provided that they obtained a minimum of 20 per cent in maths.

The department has noted that the current set of promotion requirements as set out in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (Caps) had the potential to negatively impact school-goers in the senior phase (grades 7 to 9).

Previously, Caps made it compulsory for schoolchildren to pass maths with at least 40 per cent (level 3) in order for them to be promoted to the next grade.

The department also highlighted that those currently in Grade 9 and who fail to obtain more than 30 per cent in maths will be compelled to take maths literacy in Grade 10.

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