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A sporting chance for Zandspruit

ZANDSPRUIT – The community talks about the good influence Football Without Borders has in the community.

Ward 114 councillor, Victor Mafinya, and residents of Zandspruit agree that Football Without Borders is the local youth’s most positive influence.

“It is a very good programme, as the children here are disadvantaged and there is a lack of sport in the community,” said Mafinya. Football Without Broders is a small organisation which teaches life skills through sport, such as football and boxing.

Resident Albert Pasela, has allowed his nine-year-old son to play football under the guidance of Football Without Borders coach, Elia K Dzwowa. Pasela thinks the football programme helps youngsters in the community to grow through sport.

“I don’t like to see small children playing soccer in the street but, unfortunately, there are no grounds for sport in Zandspruit,” said Pasela.

The nine-year-old grandson of resident Nora Silala, has also joined the soccer team. “Coach Dzwowa is a good man to help us. Zandspruit has many problems and I am happy that the children have something to do and that they are busy after school. They learn a lot and it keeps them out of trouble. My grandson wants to make it big and play for Pirates. He likes soccer and loves his coach,” Silala said.

Councillor Mafinya explained that he supports what Football Without Borders is doing and wants to upgrade a local soccer field for the community to become more involved in sport. “Sport is one of those things that can change a person’s life,” he said.

Dzwowa explained that he wants to introduce aspects of volleyball into his soccer training and he also wants to involve other sporting codes. Mafinya agreed he would ideally like to see all sporting codes in the community and have the correct equipment and facilities available, even a playground for children in the community.

Details: Football Without Borders, 061 141 1961.

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