Police put gender violence in the spotlight

JOBURG – Police urge victims of abuse to report cases of gender-based violence.

The South African Police Services has called on all women as part of Women’s Month to continue to report cases of gender-based violence. 

Police have called upon women who are victims of abuse to report their abusers to the police. Police have outlined how the victims will be assisted should they report a case to the police.

  1. All victims should be treated with respect, dignity and interviewed by a trained police officer in a victim sensitive manner.
  2.  Victims should be assisted in the Victim Friendly Room (VFR) or an alternative room where the statement will be taken in private at the police station or other locations providing victim support services.
  3.  Victims will be referred/ taken for medical examination by a healthcare professional to obtain medical evidence and complete a medical report.
  4. The investigation should be conducted by the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigation Unit (FCS) or a detective with relevant training. 
  5. The families and victims of sexual offences, femicide, and infanticide should be referred to the victim support services that are available within the precinct for legal, social and psychological help.
  6. Victims should be proactively provided with feedback on the progress of their cases on a continuous basis.

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