46 suspected Diepsloot protesters appear at Randburg Magistrates’ Court

KENSINGTON B – Two of the accused are in hospital and will face their charges when they are discharged.

A total of 46 people appeared at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on July 15 for charges related to the alleged looting at a mall in Diepsloot.

They were charged with public violence, housebreaking with intent to commit an offence, theft, malicious injury to property, trespassing, convening a gathering in contravention of the Disaster Management Act and contravention of the regulations in respect of the restriction on the movement of persons

Only 44 out of the 46 were remanded in custody for the police to gather information in preparation for their applications to be released on bail.

Two of the accused were hospitalised and will attend court as soon as they are discharged.

The matter was remanded to 22 July 2021 to set a date for the bail hearing.

The number of 46 accused came down from the initial 87 that were expected to be charged.

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