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Water issues in Randpark Ridge are unending

Water flows through streets and properties causing untold damage every time it rains.

Water is seeping through the ground to damage properties and form potholes in a part of Randpark Ridge.

Koorsboom Street is probably the worst affected, with diverted water from stormwater drains situated up the hill, seeping into the ground and running through residences, emerging above ground in different places and damaging buildings and the road.

The problem is a complex one and while it has been around for years, residents say it is getting worse and now there are issues every time it rains.

“I have had to strengthen the foundations of my home and it has been very expensive,” complained resident Warren Gratz.

Resident Warren Gratz has had to spend money strengthening the foundations of his own home due to the water issue. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

“I need to replace my fence because of the water that has puddled around it. It is the same for the other residents and their walls, the water has caused extensive damage.”

Joburg Roads Agency spokesperson, Kelebogile Mafa said she has escalated the matter to the agency’s depot.

“Inspectors will conduct a site visit on Koorsboom, Seder and Malope streets and revert with their findings,” she said

Ward 98 councillor Beverley Jacobs said she was disappointed with this response, as she has brought the matter to the roads agency so many times in recent years.

“They have conducted site visits already so it is time for action,” she said, explaining that this issue also involves a possible leak at Hymany Dam and/or a broken pipe belonging to a resident.

This is a developing story.

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