Cosmo Junior learners celebrate June 16

Learners in Cosmo Junior Primary School learn about the commemoration of June 16.

Cosmo Primary School decided to join in on the nationwide celebration of Youth Month on June 15 by throwing a splendid commemoration of the month.

The event’s programme directors and MCs were chosen from among the learners to serve as the event’s hosts. Mamodisa Mofokeng, the deputy principal at Cosmo Junior Primary School, said that they were glad to have commemorated the youth day because they had been unable to uphold the school’s tradition for the previous two years.

Cosmo Junior Primary School blesses learners with the Sarafina dance. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

“Celebrating June 16 has always been the school’s culture, however, the coronavirus pandemic in the past two years, had robbed us of the chance to commemorate those who fought for freedom, although that did not break our spirit as this year the school got the opportunity not to miss out on the chance to commemorate June 16.”

Former Cosmo Junior learner entertains Cosmo Junior learners. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

The 1976 Soweto uprising was described in detail for the benefit of the schoolchildren. Teacher Mpho Choma gave one of the speeches at the event, and she presented the pupils with some inspirational words to help them remember what the celebration at the school was all about.

Cosmo Junior deputy principal Mamodisa Mofokeng in school uniform looks cheerful as she appears as a learner for the June 16 celebration. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

“Amandla a Wethu. When I say we are the future, you say no one can stop us. These are the words learners should hold on to and prosper with through education in memory of those who fought and died for your free education today.”

Learners embrace and praise the struggles of those who died for the freedom of education during the June 16 celebration at Cosmo Junior Primary School. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

A number of events were held, including drama, poetry readings, Sarafina dance, and many others. As part of the activities mentioned, educators dressed in various school uniforms and performed the Sarafina dance to amuse the learners and the school staff.

Teachers dance Sarafina and the struggle dance for learners in Cosmo Junior Primary School. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

The activity was a big success and left both teachers happy and enthusiastic.

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