Local resident believes animals can help you heal emotionally

Animals are loyal and help you love yourself. They can support your healing when fighting addiction, a resident says.

Samantha Naudé writes:

At the moment many young people are struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse.

I believe it is up to parents to be stricter with electronics, as it is online that young people are meeting those who would get them involved in addiction.

But parents just give in, they just give their children phones and leave them alone.

They do not listen to their children, or ask them how they are. The children then get together with the wrong people.

I believe animals can help someone heal emotionally and help fight the need to give in to addiction.

They are always loyal, and you can take them to the park or go for a walk with them.

They help you love yourself while you also learn to take care of someone other than yourself, which is good.

So to parents I would always say be more involved in your child’s life, and do not be afraid to say no when they are too young for social media or are on their phones too often.

And of course, get a pet.

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