Golden Harvest No. 1 Retirement Village celebrates St Patrick’s Day

Retired residents wear green, play bowls, sing and be merry for St Patrick's Day.

More than 50 residents enjoyed St Patrick’s Day celebrations at the Golden Harvest No.1 Retirement Village in Sonneglans.

Before the celebrations, the residents participated in a twilight bowls tournament.

Sharol Sauls, Ray Hicks, Wendy Drew and Rob Young get in the mood with green hats, ears and clover.

Residents joined in the spirit of the day by wearing a wide assortment of green regalia.

Hazel Sloan and Jeanne Shepherd-Cowling lead the singing.

After an enjoyable sing-along of Irish ballads led by Hazel Sloan of the village’s care centre, residents enjoyed boerewors rolls, fun and celebration.

Expressions of appreciation were received from attendees.

Don Stewart, Eric Cowling, Jeanne Shepherd-Cowling and Jeff Sauls wear green.

Residents were appreciative of another enjoyable get-together and thanked the organisers.

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People go green for St Patrick’s Day

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