Bacon is the secret to juicy turkey

HTA School of Culinary Art has the perfect bacon-wrapped turkey for you to cook today.

What’s better than something wrapped in bacon? Nothing, this is why you have try this recipe for bacon-wrapped turkey and shut all the naysayers up this festive season.

HTA School of Culinary Art has given you the perfect recipe for you try. It’s so easy you might even do it twice!

Here is the recipe:


One each whole turkey
Two each red onion
One bunch rosemary
One bunch thyme
125ml melted butter
15ml chilli powder
10ml garlic powder
10ml paprika
250g streaky bacon


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, rinse the turkey under cold water then pat dry with kitchen paper towel.

2. Stuff the turkey with a quartered onion, thyme and rosemary then tie the legs together and tuck wings in.

3. In a bowl mix melted butter and spices then brush all over the turkey.

4. Place the turkey in a roasting tray, place bacon on the turkey in a pattern until the turkey is completely covered.

5. Bake for three hours or until the turkey is completely cooked. If the bacon gets too dark cover with tin foil.

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