WATCH: Musician Ivan Livingstone visits Olivedale Library

Musician, Ivan Livingstone, says books and music are similar in how they make people feel.

Musician Ivan Livingstone graced Olivedale Library with his melodic tunes after the Friends of Olivedale Library (FOOLS) Annual General Meeting on March 20. FOOLS, a dedicated group committed to promoting literacy and enriching the community, welcomed Livingstone as their special guest.

Livingstone’s performance transformed the library into a vibrant haven of music. With the sounds of the keyboard, harmonica, concertina and piano accordion, FOOLS found themselves swaying to the rhythm and tapping their feet.



Musician Ivan Livingstone brings the magic of music to the Olivedale Library during the FOOLS Annual General Meeting. Livingstone says that just like books create a picture in the minds of people, music also creates a picture and evokes emotion in people.#Localnews#caxtonlocalmedia#fyp#viralvideo#SAMA28

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From timeless classics like Sweet Caroline to upbeat renditions of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Livingstone’s repertoire spanned genres and eras, ensuring that every listener found something to enjoy. “I create a repertoire in advance but I always pay attention to how the audience reacts to the music I play. Some people like old songs and others like more recent music. I easily transition during the performance to ensure everyone is included.”

Ivan Livingstone.

Reflecting on the role of music in people’s lives, Livingstone shared his belief in its transformative power. “Music triggers a memory and it brings a feeling related to an era in their lives. Music enhances the soul. You cannot be sad and down if you’re singing happy songs. To get up and dance to a song helps your mood change. That is how I see music benefit people.”

Members of FOOLS enjoy Livingstone’s musical performance.

This visit was Livingstone’s second appearance at the Olivedale Library. Reflecting on his return, Livingstone explained that books and music a similar in how they make people feel. “Just like books create a picture in the mind of the reader, music also produces a picture and an emotion which creates a response in people. So, I think that it is a good thing to bring music to the library.”

Chairperson of the Friends of Olivedale Library, Bette Kun addresses the members.

“One of the most memorable moments of this performance at the library was when a lady in the audience picked up my tambourine. She had a smile on her face and was participating. That gave me a sense of well-being. And also, seeing people smiling, tapping their feet and moving their hands. As a musician, it makes you feel good.”

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