Radley top achievers enjoy treats with management

Principal Charné' De Gouveia said that the young entrepreneurs were given their invitations to attend the event a week before the tea

Appetising treats awaited the young learners who achieved high credit scores at Radley Private School’s term one Credit Tea event.

Radley Private School learner Aaryan Parmanand enjoys the tea event.

Principal Charné De Gouveia explained that every term the entrepreneurs are scored by given credits (merits) and debits (demerits). At the end of every term they work out their credit score and the top scorers are invited for tea with the management team.

Rachael Jacobs and Drew Henry.

“The Credit Tea serves as a reward for entrepreneurs who have exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the term. The entrepreneurs are awarded not only for academic achievements but also for those who have proudly displayed the characteristics we strive to teach all of the entrepreneurs.”

Rachael Jacobs rewards Lethabo Nkadimeng with a certificate.

They all look forward to the Credit Tea as it is an invite-only event where the guides set up and host the learners. It creates healthy competition among the learners because they all want to receive a certificate that acknowledges their achievements.

Rachael Jacobs and Aaryan Parmanand.

De Gouveia added that the learners who did not receive enough merits to be invited are reminded to use this as a learning opportunity.

Radley Privates School entrepreneur Bonolo Sgelem.

“They will learn and think of ways they can either improve their behaviour or academics so that they can be invited to celebrate their successes in the next term. Well, done to our top credit scorers for their manners, respect, hard work and dedication.”

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