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Environmentalist calls on residents to attend green space clean-ups

Environmentalist Pauline Dickson called for collective participation from residents, schools, businesses, and interest groups.

The Northern Suburbs Green Spaces clean-up project, spearheaded by environmentalist Pauline Dickson, kicked off on March 16, with an inspiring display of community effort and dedication. Volunteers gathered at the Ferndale Arboretum to tackle the daunting task of clearing alien vegetation and litter, transforming the green space into a cleaner and more vibrant environment.

Looking ahead, the project sets its sights on the next clean-up event scheduled for April 20, at the William Nicol Bird Sanctuary. With ample and safe parking available within the St Stithians school grounds, Dickson calls on residents of wards 102 and 104 to mark their calendars and join forces in supporting this vital initiative.

Highlighting the urgent need for rehabilitation and elimination of threats posed by vagrant activities, Dickson emphasised the importance of community support in revitalising neglected green belts. “These areas have the potential to serve as positive assets for recreational purposes and safe commuting routes. However, without collective action, they remain vulnerable to criminal activity and environmental degradation.”

Community members come together at the Ferndale Arboretum.

Acknowledging the budget and manpower constraints faced by the Johannesburg City Parks Department, Dickson commended their willingness to assist with public and community initiatives aimed at restoring green spaces beyond their capacity. “While the task ahead may seem daunting, our focus on the William Nicol Bird Sanctuary, Krom Wetland, Ferndale Wetland, and Cumberland Bird Sanctuary presents a realistic and achievable goal for 2024.”

She called for collective participation from residents, schools, businesses, and interest groups. “Together, we can reclaim these green spaces and ensure they are accessible and enjoyable for all. Let’s work together to create a greener, cleaner future for our neighbourhoods.”

Residents should bring hats, water bottles, rubbish bags, sunblock and gloves.

The dates selected for community work projects are as follows: From 09:00 to 11:00

  • May 11 – Cumberland Bird Sanctuary
  • June 8 – Cumberland Bird Sanctuary
  • July 20 – Ferndale Wetland
  • August 17 – Willam Nicol Bird Sanctuary
  • September 14 – Cumberland Bird Sanctuary
  • October 12 – Ferndale Wetland
  • November 16 – William Nicol Bird Sanctuary.

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