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Pawing it Forward needs help making a difference in Kya Sands

The founder of Pawing it Forward, Sarah Murphy said this initiative allows people to help ferals while buying their own pets' goodies.

A remarkable initiative is changing the landscape of animal welfare in Kya Sands. Pawing it Forward is more than just a shop – they’re fostering a community of animal lovers to make the world a better place for animals.

As a registered non-profit company, their online store serves as a beacon of hope for countless animals in need, especially those in Kya Sands. The founder of Pawing it Forward, Sarah Murphy, said that she has been helping feral cats for years. “The inspiration for Pawing it Forward comes from helping the feral cats in Kya Sands. It’s so hard to get donations and food to cover the needs of the ferals if you are not a registered and recognised charity.”

This struggling experience led to her coming up with the idea of Pawing it Forward. “So many people are passionate about their pets and would love to help animals in need but don’t necessarily have extra funds to donate. Hence, Pawing It Forward NPC was born.”

Sarah Murphy.

Murphy explained that this initiative gives people the option to help ferals while buying their own pet goodies. “With every purchase, customers not only pamper their beloved pets but also contribute to a brighter future for those less fortunate. All profits go towards the animals.”

The store aims to support individuals and groups that assist animals. “The main initiative is to promote trap neuter and release (TNR) for feral cats but also to provide education and help to care for any animal.”

The profits from the online shop go towards taking care of the animals.

Beyond retail, Pawing it Forward is dedicated to education, sterilizations, food provision, and support for animals in need. Murphy highlighted the importance of community involvement. “We always need people to get involved,” she stated. “If someone has an hour once a week or even once a month to go and fill up a food or water bowl then it helps with our workload.”

Despite the challenges faced by Pawing it Forward, Murphy remains dedicated to her mission. “The challenge we face is pretty basic and comes down to money. The more money we raise the more we can do.”

With long-term goals of expanding the store and making significant changes in the lives of animals in need, Pawing it Forward relies on community support. “Every cent you spend goes to help animals in need. Our success depends on support.”

For those wishing to support the cause, Pawing it Forward encourages shopping at their store [https://pawingitforward.co.za/] and following their Facebook page for updates and fundraising initiatives.

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