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IN PICS: Residents make their mark

Randburg voting stations had a rocky start but residents came out in numbers to make their mark.

Residents hit the polls on May 29. Randburg Sun spent time at the Windsor West Three in One Spiritual Centre and Laerskool Fontainebleau.

Ward 98 Councillor Beverly Jacobs said the morning was a little disappointing. “The IEC did not seem fully prepared and the process was not going as smoothly as it should be.”

She said that several voters had been turned away for various reasons.

Although things were moving pretty fast at Laerskool Fontainebleau, Ward 104 Councillor Emi Koekemoer said there was a 30-minute to an hour delay at most voting stations due to the ballots being delivered late and the machines being down.

“It’s a big turnout and we’re really happy with it,” said Koekemoer.

Locals were asked why they decided to vote. Here’s what they had to say:

Doug Neilson: I made my mark for the state of the country. I think it’s really important to vote. We are at a stage where we need to make drastic changes because it’s not looking good.
Glenda Dlamini: I made my mark because as a South African youth, I believe that there are a lot of things that disadvantage us. I believe that you cannot complain if you haven’t cast your vote. I want to have a say in my future.
Daniel Nkosi: I made my mark because I am worried about the electricity. I buy food and it gets rotten. I have to keep buying food. We also have many problems with water and we want change.

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