Top achievers shine at Nova Pioneer awards ceremony

Samkelisiwe Mudau, the dean of students at Nova Pioneer North Riding, said that learners who did not receive awards are encouraged and given support to improve.

Nova Pioneer in North Riding hosted an academic award ceremony on May 17, to recognise the outstanding achievements of its students. The ceremony celebrated the dedication and hard work of students who are excelling academically.

The event honoured students in several categories, including outstanding achievements, high achievements, and good achievements across subjects such as mathematics, literacy, humanities, and science. The award ceremony is a part of the school’s commitment to the ‘always growing’ culture principle, which is a part of the school’s educational philosophy.

Among the standout achievers were Grade 5 learners, Tanatswa Tsomondo and Maria Mudenda, who received high achievement awards in mathematics, science, literacy, and humanities.

Tanatswa Tsomondo and Maria Mudenda attained high achievements in maths, science, literacy and humanities.

“We are incredibly proud of our students for their remarkable achievements,” said Samkelisiwe Mudau, the dean of students at Nova Pioneer North Riding. “Their hard work, determination, and passion for learning serve as an inspiration to their peers and reflect the high academic standards upheld at Nova Pioneer.”

Mudau elaborated on the significance of the awards. “Honouring students with academic awards serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it recognises and celebrates their hard work, dedication, and achievements, fostering a culture of excellence and motivation within the school community.

“By acknowledging their academic accomplishments, students feel valued and encouraged to continue striving for excellence in their studies and other endeavours. These awards also serve as a source of inspiration for their peers, encouraging them to set high goals and work diligently to achieve them.”

For learners who did not meet the requirements to receive an academic award, Mudau explained that the school makes sure to encourage them and provide them with support to help them improve. “At Nova Pioneer, such students are encouraged through various means tailored to their individual needs. This might involve personalised academic support, mentoring, extra tutoring sessions, or identifying alternative pathways to success that align with their strengths and interests.”

Mudau shared the broader objectives of the school. “Importantly, the focus is not solely on academic achievement but also on personal growth, resilience, and the development of essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.”

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