Update: Kidnapped woman discharged

This allegedly comes after a house robbery at her home.

Update: 9 October: The Randfontein woman who was kidnapped during a house robbery and locked in the boot of her car, was released from hospital.

The woman was held in the boot of her black GWM C10 for hours while the suspects drove around in the South of Johannesburg, until they were spotted by members of the Johannesburg Flying Squad.

Police were notified of the vehicle’s whereabouts via a GPS tracking system in the car.

They set off in pursuit and spotted the vehicle on Kliprivier Drive.

Police gave chase and managed to bring the vehicle to a halt near the Aspen Hills turn-off.

Three suspects attempted to flee on foot.

Police once again gave chase, shooting one suspect and managing to arrest the other two.

The injured suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to reports, the 40-year-old victim was traumatised and she sustained minor injuries to her neck and upper arms as well as cuts on her knees.

The woman also complained of backpain, but was discharged later that same evening.

Police confiscated two BB-guns, believed to have been used by the suspects, at the scene.


9 October: A woman was dumped in the boot of her car after a house robbery on 8 October at her home in Randfontein and was later rescued by police.

The suspects apparently fled for the scene of the house robbery in Randfontein and was spotted by members of the Johannesburg Flying Squad in the South of Johannesburg, who were alerted to their whereabouts via a GPS tracking signal emanating from her car.

A high-speed chase through the streets of Johannesburg South ensued and the suspects eventually left the car after it was forced to a halt by police, and continued to flee on foot.

police opened fire on the suspects, aged between 18 and 21-years-old, and managed to wound one of the suspects.

The other two suspects were also arrested.

Upon searching the car, the woman was found in the boot of her vehicle.

Police believe that she was drugged.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where she is recovering.

The men will face charges house robbery, kidnapping, being in possession of a stolen vehicle and hijacking

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