Theft of gate motors on the rise in Randfontein

Gate motors are expensive items and thieves use the opportunity to make an easy buck by selling them very cheaply.

The theft of gate motors is on the rise in Randfontein once again.

According to EPR operations manager Mac van Zyl, residents need to be extra careful in making sure that their gate motors are secured.

“We have been receiving numerous complaints with regards to the theft of gate motors in the past month or so and that is worrying.

“Although it hasn’t necessarily gotten out of hand, the crime has escalated all over the Randfontein and we feel the need to create awareness of this,” says van Zyl.

He adds that one of the reasons that gate motors are being stolen is the fact that most of them are not protected by an anti-theft bracket.

According to him, this also makes it easy for criminals to gain access into one’s home or business premises to commit crime.

“Clients with gate motors must ensure that anti-theft brackets are installed on their gate motors.

“Gate motors are specifically targeted because they are expensive items.

“Thieves sell them at much cheaper prices, making them an easy item to sell.”

Van Zyl urges residents to not buy second hand gate motors.

“Buy from a reputable dealer and remember that if it seems to good a deal, it probably is.

“Buying stolen items only encourages the thieves to steal more.”

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One Comment

  1. I was offered a Centurion Evo 5 gate motor for R1000 at the taxi rank about 2 weeks ago.

    I declined the deal because I thought the unit is not working but when I saw this artical it made me think that that unit most likely be a stolen motor.
    The gate motor was in a plastic bag and not in its original box

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