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Boucher again on top of his game

Number of people attending his show doubles since his last performance in December.

Afrikaans singer Juan Boucher was on top of his game again when he visited his big fan base at a local pub in Aureus this past weekend.

It was a performance that took even the herald by storm – the music and crowd were so loud that our camera’s shutter couldn’t even be heard.

The herald was met by the same group of fans from the last performance who claim to be close friends of Boucher’s. Some fans wore their classic two-toned shirts, rugby shorts, vellies and socks. They were more than ready for the party as they sang along and played air guitar to Boucher’s music.

Young and old were singing, dancing and screaming while Boucher walked among the crowd and stood on the hay stacks that were brought in as seating. He identified a very lovely Miggie Botha in the crowd and to her surprise and everyone else’s he posed with her for a photo while singing.

Double the number of fans attended this performance compared to his last one in town in December. The dance floor was so full that people sokkied all over.

The crowd was so hyped up that those who fancy themselves good dancers took to the stage for a mock break-dancing dance-off. The competition was close but the prize had to go to the gentleman in the two-toned shirt and rugby shorts who out-twerked the competition.

During the second intermission of the show, women cut in front of each other in line to hug and take a picture with Boucher.

Towards the end of the night when the photo line had died down, the herald approached Boucher for an impromptu autograph on the back of a business card.

Juan Boucher achieved what he set out to do in Randfontein as the entire crowd came out wearing their dancing shoes – and probably wore them out. Clearly they can’t wait to welcome him in town again …

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