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Visiting Durban these holidays? Become a Globetrotter with these great #Daycation ideas

It's in Durban that East, West and the ever-fierce isiZulu nation have all found a place to express their unique cultural heritage. So if you're in the area this December, get out and explore Africa's most international city!

Travelling to Durbs in summer is undoubtedly a treat. Its world class beaches are a Shangri-La for sun worshippers, and after a hard day relaxing on the Golden Mile, you can reward yourself with a chilled sun-downer at a quality restaurant. But there is so much more on offer. Having made beautiful KZN their home, and being mad about all things Durban, the road safety experts at Dunlop ask, “why not take an awe-inspiring tour of several exceptional world cultures by simply visiting some of KZN’s most iconic landmarks on your #Daycation?”

Eastern vibrancy – The Indian Quarter

Don’t Miss Durban’s Indian Quarter!

Better known by locals as “Grey Street”, this area of Durban Central houses one of the oldest markets on the continent, and is an awakening of the senses like no other. The Juma Masjid Mosque is the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, and with its majestic minarets, is surely the most beautiful. In close quarters with it are the Madressa Arcade Bazaar and the Victoria Street Market. These bustling commercial centres bring the wares of India, Pakistan, China and even Somalia to Durban, showcasing the colourful and fragrant vigour of each country to the full.

Nkwaleni Valley – The proud heritage of the isiZulu

The Passionate War Dance

Take a #Daycation to a destination that unabashedly celebrates life, as it would have been, in a traditional and untouched kraal in precolonial times. Nkwaleni Valley is situated in the heart of Zululand, and interestingly enough, found its genesis in the much-lauded TV biopic, Shaka Zulu. Learn more about how hut building was a sophisticated exercise in sustainable design, how beer was brewed and the role it plays in rituals, and the incredibly rich spiritual beliefs Zulu tribes held (including, crucially, the person of the Sangoma). As Zululand is situated +/- 130 km outside of Durban, it’s a good idea to make sure that your tyres are family-safe (for the entire journey) with this Red Hot Rubber Deal.

Empire and conquest – insights into colonial times

Detail from “Defense de Rorke’s Drift” by Alphonse de Neuville

The colonial project is, and will always be, a controversial topic. However, it is a part of our history, and the many museums and sites marking its past provide a fascinating picture of the life and struggles of the settler populations. The Durban City Hall is a stunning example of neo-classical architecture, and hosts both the Natural Science Museum and an Art Gallery. The museum is a treat for kids (and curious adults!), and houses a life-size T-Rex, the mummified Peten-Amen, a Dodo skeleton, wildlife displays and the 3rd largest collection of bird specimens in the world. The Art Gallery contains emotive work by Black artists dating back to the turbulent 1970s. In close proximity is the Old Courthouse Museum, which provides another look into colonial life. And not to be missed, if you’re in the area, is the KwaMuhle Museum, which provides a sobering look into more recent South African history.

But remember, safety isn’t just a word

Your holiday and #Daycation in Durbs should be an awesome experience, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to bring back only the very best of memories from your travels. To ensure that you’re #SaferThanSafe this holiday season, visit your nearest Dunlop Zone or Request a Quote Online – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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