WATCH: Ekurhuleni SOCA a waste of money – DA

The opposition party said costs for the State of the City could be used to maintain a mini substation.

Members of the Democratic Alliance did not attend this year’s Ekurhuleni State of the City Address, held on April 25, in person.

Instead, the party’s councillors viewed the 2023 address as it was streamed on YouTube.

According to former mayor and the leader of the party’s Ekurhuleni caucus Tania Campbell, the reason not to attend was to contain cost.

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She said apologies were submitted on behalf of all the councillors.

“When I was mayor, one of the most important things was cost containment. We need to stabilise the finances of the metro,” said Campbell.

She emphasised the need not to spend money on frivolous matters.

“The State of the City can very well be finalised during a normal council meeting.”

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Campbell said quarterly reports are required and must be presented by the mayor to the council. As such they can be combined, which would save costs.

“In some people’s minds, this cost is not great in the bigger scheme of things. However, such costs could maintain a mini substation, grass cutting or it could be used to buy new equipment for the parks department.

“It’s very important wherever we can to support cost containment in the city.”

Speaking on matters the party would like addressed during the SOCA, Campbell identified the following issues:

• Economic growth in the city.

• The implementation of the independent power producers’ power procurement programme to ease load-shedding.

• Stabilising maintenance of infrastructure.

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