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What locals say about Father’s Day

Father’s Day has finally arrived and some residents feel fathers are not as celebrated as mothers.

Rekord went out and spoke to Pretoria residents for their views on the day and here is what they said:

Sanele Mthethwa



Sanele Mthethwa

“Father’s Day is never celebrated enough because women are always more celebrated than men. It’s rare to see events around Father’s Day. We often see Mother’s Day celebrated or mothers celebrated when it is Father’s Day. I think it is a principle of life that men are to suffer and women are to be celebrated.”

Tshepo Mphuthi

Tshepo Mphuthi:
“The majority of fathers tend to run away from this very special responsibility not knowing what impact it leaves on their children. There’s nothing special about Father’s Day as there are so many mothers who are raising children on their own out there.”

Amahle Dlamini

Amahle Dlamini:
“Father’s Day to me means reflecting on what our fathers do for us, and what they sacrifice. What I like the most is that they do it out of love and for our greater good.”

Pulane Banda

Pulane Banda:
“Father’s Day is not being marketed and promoted like Mother’s Day as you won’t see much advertisement on Father’s Day gift packages, restaurant specials, and other important promotions you will normally see on Mother’s Day. The stigma attached to a lot of absent fathers makes Father’s Day not to be celebrated enough. A lot of people show appreciation not only to their father but to their male mentors or father figures in their life, the hard work they have put in the absence of fathers.”

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